You Know That Thumb-Looking Thing In Wisconsin… It’s A Pretty Cool Place…

While visiting Angela’s family in Wisconsin, we were treated to a get-a-way (thanks to Angela’s amazing parents) at a resort in the world famous Door County. This was our attempt to unplug from our normal routine of all work and no play. But what would it be without documenting our visit to share with you fine people. Disclaimer: All photos were taken with our iPhones so the quality may be a little subpar.

2013-06-27 12.12.22-1.jpg
2013-06-28 11.02.14.jpg
2013-06-27 12.34.07.jpg
2013-06-27 13.40.05.jpg
2013-06-27 14.21.55.jpg
2013-06-26 14.35.56-1.jpg
2013-06-27 13.03.48.jpg
2013-06-28 10.47.00.jpg

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